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Our Heritage

We value our heritage and milestones and aim to protect and preserve it's history.

Our Humble Beginnings

Founder and Director, Nick Savva, a keen fisherman and boater for over 30 years is also a gearbox and industrial motor specialist, having worked as a sales engineer for some of the world’s largest companies.  This vast experience gave him the credentials and confidence to undertake this venture into boat winches.

Once a small family business, Savwinch has grown into a global business employing several people and continuously adding and improving products with three product ranges and multiple accessories including our popular slider anchors.  Thousands of winches have been installed and now many reputable boat builders and large boating retailers are fitting and distributing Savwinch throughout Australia and the world.

Original Savwinch boat and Drum Anchor Winches (2012)

Original Savwinch Boat and Drum Anchor Winches (2012)

“Many years ago ago a mate of mine approached me to build him a drum style boat anchor winch for his 680 Haines. I researched existing winches and realised that they’re costly, quality was an issue – some were reasonable, however there was room for improvement. Taking these shortfalls into consideration I designed my first boat anchor winch. My winch was a vast improvement on existing winches and its application into my mate’s boat was a real success! I followed by putting one on my own boat (there still running so many years later!). Following on from that word got around, especially the great quality and I began to supply them for boats and to dealers. The rest is history”.

Nick Savva, Founder & CEO

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is simple, to be the World’s largest and best drum winch company.

Our Mission is to supply excellent world leading drum winch products and accessories predominantly to the boating industry in Australia and the World, backed by excellent customer service.

Savwinch World map

This interactive map shows all the places that Savwinch has sold too.

Drum Anchor Winch Fast Fall Award Savwinch

Nick and Eleni, recipients of the BIA Innovation Award (2012)

Award Winning

Once you’ve bought a Savwinch product you are part of the Savwinch family. One of our greatest achievement has been the invention of the Electronic fast fall system ranges.  World first, award winning and patented, the fast fall system falls at the same rate as a free-falling winch but clutch free.

We are the only award-winning drum winch manufacturer. We have won multiple awards, a National Innovation Award by the Boating Industry Association of Victoria and an International Innovation award, amongst others. We have also been recognized as a business of excellence having won a Best Manufacturing and Manufacturing Support Business Award. We are very proud of our achievements and pride ourselves on quality, innovation and excellent customer service.

In 2023 during the BLA Trade Show in Queensland Savwinch were presented with the BLA Local Supplier of the Year Award.

We’re proud to work with BLA, who bring you leading brands such as Mercury, Minn Kota, Humminbird, OceanLED, and more.

We have been working for BLA since 2017, supply our Drum Winches, Slider Anchors, and Accessories to BLA in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as manufacturing a range of Winches under the BLA name.

The Supplier of the Year Award is reserved for companies that offer world leading products, impeccible service, as well as great backup and warranty support. We’re honoured to receive this award from such a reputible company.

Nick and Callum receiving the BLA Local Supplier of the Year Award from Davind and Dion of BLA (2023)

Our Great Products

Savwinch is a one stop shop for all your Drum Anchor Winching and accessories needs. We have grown from one winch to three winch ranges and we also specialise in anchors with many unique and patented designs. We invest in research and development continuously which means that our customers are getting the latest and best in winching technology.

Customised Engineering Solutions

As well as our Drum Anchor Winch ranges, we offer custom made Engineering Solutions for any industry and any winching applications. No job is too big or too difficult, we can custom make a winch to suit any application.

We are very experienced in this area having supplied winching solutions for Universities, the mining industry, the Army and Navy and many other industries. Examples of products we have developed include commercial pot haulers, mining probes, and Winches for automotive and research companies.

Custom Made Winch for a Davit

The Future

Savwinch now has become an established name in the marine industry with a strong reputation for the highest quality and most durable winches on the market backed by excellence in customer service. We look forward to a bright future continuously evolving and developing with our customers in mind.