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Stainless Steel Drum Winches

316 Stainless Steel Drum Winches are kings in the marine industry, and this has always been the case.

Leading up to introducing our stainless steel range several years ago, we spent a considerable amount of time researching and building prototype winches utilising several different materials including aluminium. During this time, the one material that stood out in terms of corrosion resistance and longevity was 316 Stainless Steel.

Now why is Stainless Steel king? 316 Stainless Steel offers the best corrosion resistance with the least amount of maintenance, and will look great on your boat now and far into the future. 316 Stainless Steel has always been the gold standard for the Marine Industry (look at the screws, nuts and bolts on your boat for example), and a Drum Winch is no exception. With our full Stainless Steel Winches, if they start getting dirty, just hose them down with some fresh water and they’ll look shiny and as good as new! Stainless Steel is the ultimate material to withstand the harsh marine environment for years to come. That’s why we introduced our two stainless steel winch ranges. Firstly the SS range, with full 316 stainless steel drum and motor. And the Rolls Royce of Winches, our SSS range featuring  316 stainless drum, gearbox and motor. They look amazing too! With all of the winches in our range we have no covers and all of our motors include patented injection moulds to prevent any ingress/condensation, ensuring all of our motors are fully submersible. Additionally all of our motors feature machined solid block casings (no covers!).

We have an R&D department that gives careful consideration to the engineering of our products. This is backed up by rigorous testing prior to product releases. Our engineers combined have over 100 years experience in motor & gearbox design and development. We also have a qualified scientist in-house. Some of our best clients are actually engineers themselves, recognising that Savwinch Drum Winches are world class and engineered to last!

This is why Savwinch are market leaders. We are Internationally Award winning and have a huge Australian and International brand presence! Enquire about a Savwinch today!