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Guide Roller Vs. Hawse Pipe

Depending on your boat you may need to use either a Guide Roller or a Hawse Pipe when installed a Drum Winch. Whichever one you need varies depending on your boat

Guide Roller vs. Hawse Pipe

Not sure whether you require a Guide Roller or a Hawse Pipe for your boat? We've got you covered

Depending on your boat you will most likely need a Guide Roller or a Hawse Pipe. Here at Savwinch all of our Guide Rollers and Hawse Pipes are manufactured out of 316 Stainless Steel.


As a standard package all our winches up to a 2000 come with a guide roller. When planning to Deck Mount your Winch, install it in an open Anchor Well, or install in an Anchor Well with a lid you will require a Guide Roller. If you have a lid, you may need to cut a small opening in the lid so that the Rope and Chain can freely feed over the Guide Roller.

If you don’t have an open Anchor Well and you don’t want to Deck Mount your Drum Winch you will require a Hawse Pipe. what’s more the Hawse Pipe gives a nice clean look and ensures the Winch is hidden away within the boat. We manufacture both a small and large Hawse Pipe to suit the needs of any boat.