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Drum Electric Anchor Winches

International Award Winning Drum Winches

2000 SS Stainless Steel Drum Anchor Winch

International Award Winning Drum Winches

Our international award winning drum electric anchor winch models feature oversized Worm Drive Gearboxes, specifically designed marine grade patented motors which are IP68 rated to suit even the harshest marine environments.

The motors can be moved into 12 different positions to ensure that each Drum Winch can be installed on almost any vessel. Paired with our EFF ‘Electronic Fast Fall System’, our electric anchor winches can reach speeds of over 100m per minute (almost as fast as you can drop your anchor).

All three of our electric anchor winch range feature identical power and performance in their retrospective sizes. For example the 1000CS, SS and SSS perform identically.


All of our Winches are IP68 rated and feature a patented injection mould which fills all of the air pockets inside the motor. The motor is a solid block Stainless Steel motor (no covers/sleeves over the motor) which combined with the injection mould ensures no moisture or condensation can get inside the motor.

Injection Mould

To protect the IP68 motors, we have taken our waterproofing one step further with an international patented injection mould. This is a plastic mould which fills up all of the air pockets inside the motor, so not only are they dust and water proof, they have no pockets internally so that no condensation can form.

Condensation is one of the main causes for motor failure in the marine industry. When condensation takes hold, the water in the motor can cause all sorts of problems including rust and corrosion. To further combat condensation our motors are a solid block casing with no covers.

Drum Anchor Winch Injection Mould
Drum Winch Emergency Release

Emergency Manual Release

All of our winch models starting from the 1000 models feature an emergency release. Using an allen key you can disengage the winch drum. This allows the winch to freely spin, meaning you can easily drop your anchor in an emergency. You are also able to install a hand crank and wind the winch up in the case of battery failure. This feature can be life-saving if you’re in extreme waters or lose power.

Designed For Harsh Marine Environments

Setting the standard in quality, performance and ease of operation. All three of our Drum Winch ranges now have even more power and speed than ever before, and we guarantee they will have more than enough power than you will ever need for your boat. If you want a hassle free, high performance, world leading winch, get a Savwinch!


Savwinch Drum Anchor Winch CS Model


Savwinch Drum Anchor Winch SS Range