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Different Series of Winches

We manufacture three different drum winch ranges – CS range, SS range, and the SSS range. All three ranges have the same power and performance, but vary in the materials that they’re manufactured from.

Different Series of Winches – North America

Our Drum Winches are branded as Seachoice Drum Winches in-store in North America. They are the same great Savwinch Drum Winches, with the backing of the largest Boating Company in the world, the Brunswick Corporation.

Choosing The Right Winch For Your Boat

Our standard range of drum winches is comprised of seven different sizes, with our larger Free Fall/Commercial range of Winches comprising of two different sizes. Unsure which Winch best suits your boat? Check out our general guide.

Why Choose a Drum Winch

Drum Winches are a quick, easy, and painless way to anchor meaning you can spend more time fishing or out with your friends, rather than worrying about your Winch.

Understanding Rope Types

Our Winches come with specially designed rope and chain kits to ensure you can fit the maximum amount of rode on your Winch. Learn what rope size and type you need for your anchoring system.

Unboxing a Winch

Our Drum Winches come included with almost everything required for a standard Savwinch install – Everything from the Winch itself down to all of the Switching Gear. See what to expect what to expect when you purchase a 1000SSS.

Guide Roller Vs. Hawse Pipe

Not sure whether you require a Guide Roller or a Hawse Pipe for your boat? We’ve got you covered

Mounting Your Drum Winch

There are many ways to mount a Drum Winch, whether it be deck mounted, hidden below the deck or even mounted in an open well.