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Mounting Your Drum Winch

There are many ways to mount a Drum Winch, whether it be deck mounted, hidden below the deck or even mounted in an open well.

Not sure how to mount your Drum Winch?

Don't worry, we have all the information you need!

There are many ways to mount a Drum Winch, most people think they have to be deck mounted though this is actually one of the least common ways to mount a Drum Winch. The motors on our Drum Winches are multi-directional, meaning you can move the motor in multiple positions around the shaft. This can help you fit your Drum Winch almost anywhere!

Anchor locker/well with a lid

If you have an anchor locker/well with a lid, the best way is to mount your Drum Winch is below the well and install the guide roller on the deck with a small hole cut in the lid for the rope and chain to go through. The rope and chain can then freely feed over the guide roller and bow roller or bowsprit.

Open Anchor locker/well

If you have an open anchor locker/well, you can mount the Winch directly in the well. Depending on the room and how the rope and chain feeds off the Drum, you may either feed the rope and chain over a guide roller or directly to the bowsprit.

Boat with No Anchor locker/well

If you don’t have an anchor locker/well but would still like to mount below your deck, you can add one of our optional hawse pipes. All you need to do is install the Winch under the deck (you can even bolt it upside hanging into the underside of the deck if you like), and then install the hawse pipe on the top of your deck. The rope and chain will feed out through the hawse pipe and then onto the bow roller or bowsprit. This gives the cleanest look possible and is a great solution. All of our hawse pipes are 316 Stainless Steel and will look superb on your boat for years to come!

On Deck mount

Lastly, you have the option mount the Winch. Our Winches are IP68 rated and will perform flawlessly no matter which way they’re mounted. A deck mount is generally quite simple, just bolt the Winch to the deck inline with the Bow and you’re good to go. You may like to use a guide roller to help evenly distribute the rope and chain however depending on your setup this may not be needed.


As you can see there are multiple methods to mount a Drum Winch. If you find another way you would like to mount it, as long as the rope/chain is in line with the Bow, there will most likely be no issues at all. The Winch will perform identically whether the rope feeds from either the top of the drum or the bottom. So feel free to play around with whatever suits your boat the best!