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SAV Slider Boat Anchor

The design you've known to love, with the added benefit of a Slider retrieval function

7.5kg Slider Boat Anchor

Slider Boat Anchor

Slider anchors (also known as escape anchors) feature a full sliding ring along the shaft. The advantage of the full sliding action is that it allows you to drive over the top of your anchor, slide your chain down the shaft and pull it out when reefed or caught.

Savwinch features the Delta Style design Anchor you’ve known to love. Whilst also having the excellent holding power of a traditional anchor with the added benefit of a Sliding ring.

*Patented Design

Slider Boat Anchor Features

Savwinch Designed their delta-style boat anchors to stop getting stuck on the reef and becoming nearly impossible to retrieve by adding the sliding shaft. The sider anchor will pop back out the way it went in. Equally important, SAV Slider Anchors are constructed from marine grade SS 316 Stainless Steel again featuring exceptional anti-corrosion performance and enhanced aesthetics.

Sav Delta Style

The Delta Style Anchor Comes in Galvanised and stainless steel with a plough end that is Perfect for digging into the sand, creating Stronger holding power.


The D-Shackle Slides Down the anchor and pulls it out of the Reef/Sand it’s been placed in. A lump of stainless steel was welded on the end to stop the chain from sliding underneath the Anchor.

Locking Pin

The Locking Pin Is designed to be tightened onto the slider Anchor. This reduces the distance the D-shackle can slide down the shaft to ensure the anchor doesn’t touch the boat’s bow.

Slider Boat anchor Infographic

Boat Anchor Size Chart

Some Times it can be challenging to determine what size boat anchor you need. We have had this problem for a while now. With the graph below, you can choose the suitable anchor for you.

Model Length Width Max Boat Size
Types of Materials Specifications
4kg 540mm 240mm 4.5m Galvanised + Stainless steelDownload
6kg 620mm 270mm 5.5m Galvanised + Stainless steel Download
7.5kg 630mm 310mm 7m Galvanised + Stainless steel Download
9kg 720mm 350mm 8m Galvanised + Stainless steel Download
16kg 810mm 370mm 11m Galvanised + Stainless steel Download
20kg 900mm 390mm 15m Galvanised + Stainless steel Download