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Rope Lengths and Types

Our Winches come with specially designed rope and chain kits to ensure you can fit the maximum amount of rode on your Winch

Understanding Rope Types

Learn what rope size and type you need for your anchoring system

At Savwinch we make specialised Rope and Chain kits to suit all of our Drum Winches. All of our Winches from the 450 up to the 2000 come with a standard Rope and Chain Kit. Our larger Winches come without a standard kit, this is so that we can create one to suit your needs.

The standard rope we supply is a double braided rope, this is typically thinner than standard nylon though with a much higher breaking strain. This means you can fit more double braid on the drum compared to nylon without sacrifying the strength. We pair the double braid rope with short link chain to ensure you get the maximum amount possible without overfilling the Drum. The rope & chain kits that are included with our Drum Winches are as follows:

450: 45m of 6mm Double Braid + 5m of 6mm Short Link Chain

880: 65m of 6mm Double Braid + 6m of 6mm Short Link Chain

1000: 95m of 6mm Double Braid + 7m of 6mm Short Link Chain

1500: 95m of 8mm Double Braid + 8m of 6mm Short Link Chain

2000: 140m of 8mm Double Braid + 10m of 6mm Short Link Chain


As mentioned above, the 3000/4000/XL/XXL come without rope & chain kits. This is so that we can custom create a kit to suit your needs. Please contact us via phone or email if this is something that you’re interested in.


If you require a higher capacity than what comes standard we do offer Spectra Rope & Chain kits for our Winches. Spectra is an extremely strong rope with an extremely high breaking strain. This means we can use a thinner diameter rope on the drum without sacrificing the strength. Due to the extreme strength of Spectra rope, it does come with a small price increase, which is why it isn’t a standard inclusion. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade to Spectra. We offer the following pre-made Spectra Rope & Chain kits:

880: 95m of 4mm Spectra + 6m of 6mm Short Link Chain

1000: 145m of 4mm Spectra + 7m of 6mm Short Link Chain

1500: 195 of 4mm Spectra + 8m of 6mm Short Link Chain

Using Spectra rope on the 1500 (for example) doubles the capacity of the Rode, so Spectra can be a great addition if you require more Rope.


In addition to all of the above Rope & Chain kits, we’re happy to custom make Rope & Chain kits using any combination of Rope and Chain to suit your needs. Please contact us if none of the above solutions suit you and we would be happy to help.