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Why Choose a Drum Winch

Drum Winches are the most effective way to Anchor. No tying off, no need to worry about tangling, all in a nice and compact package

Say Goodbye To Tangled Chain

Drum winches will perform flawlessly no matter which type of rope or chain you use.

Traditional Winches (such as Windless Winches) generally operate by feeding the Chain through the head of the Winch and dropping the chain down into an anchor locker. This can potentially cause issues such as tangles in the chain. Additionally if you use rope with one of these Winches, over time the rope can wear out from going through the Winch head, this means your rope (and chain) will have to be replaced very regularly. This can be very expensive as many of these traditional Winches are very picky about which type of rope or chain they work with.


Our Drum Winches are a totally different beast. As all of our Winches use a Drum, you can use any type of rope or chain you like with no issues whatsoever. As the Rode doesn’t have to go through a Windless head, the Winch will perform flawlessly no matter which type of rope or chain you use. Additionally as there is no Windless head for the rope to feed through, your rope will last a lot longer compared to using rope with a traditional Winch. The Drum ensures that your rope and chain comes up nice and neat every single time and feeds perfectly onto the barrel, you’ll have no issues with tangling when using one of our Drum Winches. All of our Drum Winches also feature oversized Gearboxes that lock into place automatically, that means once you’ve anchored there is no reason to tie off. Our Drum Winches are compact enough that you can install them in the anchor well of almost any boat, so not only do you get all the great benefits over a traditional Winch, you can also hide the Winch away giving your boat a nice, clean look.

Our Drum Winches are a quick, easy, and painless way to anchor meaning you can spend more time fishing or out with your friends, rather than worrying about your Winch.