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Choosing The Right Drum Winch For Your Boat

At Savwinch we manufacture Winches from small 3.5m boats all the way up to 40m vessels

Not Sure Which Winch Is Right For Your Boat?

We have a large range of Winches to suit almost any size boat, starting from small 3.5m boats all the way up to large vessels.

Our standard range of drum winches is comprised of seven different sizes, with the larger Free Fall/Commercial range of Winches comprising of two different sizes. Unsure which Winch best suits your boat? Read below for our general guide:

450CS/SS – Up to 4.5m boats

880CS/SS – Up to 5.5m boats

1000CS/SS/SSS – Up to 7m boats

1500CS/SS/SSS – Up to 8m boats

2000SS/SSS – Up to 10m boats

3000SS/SSS – Up to 20m boats

4000SS/SSS – Up to 30m boats

Commercial XL Free Fall – Up to 30m boats

Commercial XXL Free Fall – Up to 40m boats


The above are guidelines and there is no issues at all if you would like to install a larger than recommended Winch on your boat. This is quite common for many customers, particularly if you’re after more rope or more chain than fits on the Winch that is recommended for your boat size.

If you’re unsure, please feel free to call or email us and we’ll be happy to help guide you and recommend the best Winch to suit your needs.