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Applications On Boats

There are many ways you can mount our winches on to your boat. Here are some examples of Savwinch applications on boats.

Well Mounted Applications

A large number of drum winches are mounted inside boat wells and preferably on the back wall. Here are some examples;
This is an example of a Savwinch boat anchor winch installed into a well of a Haines Signature 492F. (Photo 1)

Here is a Savwinch mounted into the well of a Surtees boat. (Photo 2)

Great installation by the owner of this Evinrude boat.  (Photo 3)

(Photo 4) Savwinch on Phillip Island Marine Boat  & (Photo 5) Savwinch application using bow sprit.

Phillip Island Marine has been a loyal dealer of Savwinch for several years. Owner Scott Huther has had a Savwinch installed in his own boat several years ago as seen in these pictures. He is very happy with the performance of his Savwinch.

(Photos 6), (Photo 7) Savwinch application with rope and chain & (Photos 8) Savwinch in anchor well of Victorian Coast guard. Victorian Coast guard boat has had the 2000W Savwinch installed for a few years and is operating smoothly.

Gone Fishing Charters in Geelong (Photo9) , (Photo 10), have installed a 1500W model Savwinch on their 10 metre alloy boat. They could not fit the 2000W Savwinch due to size limitations but the 15000W (technically undersized for this application) has been doing the job well for several years!  Partially in the well and partially visible on deck, they can monitor the use of their Savwinch, preferred by many boat operators.

Deck Mounted Applications

Savwinch winches are able to be installed on deck. Although exposed to all the elements they are able to withstand harsh marine environments such as salt water because the gearbox and motor are fully sealed, and still covered by Savwinch’s extensive warranties.

(Photos 11)  Here is a deck mounted Savwinch on a 2005 Bar crusher.

(Photo 12)  Top mounted application showcasing Savwinch workmanship.

(Photos 13) K13 Windlass in The Netherlands and (Photo 14) Close up of Savwinch on K13 Windlass. A deck mounted Savwinch on a Military commercial vessel in the Netherlands, Europe.