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Savwinch is a highly established and well recognised brand of high quality drum anchor winches and accessories. They are robust and reliable well suited to the harsh marine environment.

Commercial XXL Free Fall Savwinch Boat Anchor Winch

Our Free Fall Commercial XXL model Winch is available in full 316 Stainless Steel Series. The Commercial XXL Drum Winch features a 316 Stainless Steel Motor, 316 Stainless Steel Gearbox, and 316 Stainless Steel Drum. Making this the worlds first and only complete 316 Stainless Steel Drum Winch!

The Savwinch Commercial XXL is a true Free Fall Winch. Featuring a releasing mechanism to fully release the Drum and to drop the anchor at the fastest speed possible!

The Commercial XXL is the second largest Free Fall Winch in the Savwinch Free Fall/Commercial range. An absolute monster of a winch it is suitable for up to 30 meter boats. It comes with all the superior design features and benefits of the rest of the Savwinch range.  Boasting a 455mm wheel diameter-bearing and bearing hub support it can support large amounts of rope/chain to suit almost any vessel.

Endless opportunities for fitting up rope and chain to suit your use. Please ring us to discuss.

Over engineered to handle harsh applications. With a robust oversized worm gearbox – to take higher shock loads this winch is powerful and made to last.