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History of the drum winch

The marine market has been undergoing a major shift over the last decade as boat owners adopt new technologies that improve their user experience and on-water safety. Small vessel manufacturers in Australia are beginning to offer drum winches as an option on their new boats due to superior performance characteristics. Boaties, especially older ones do not want to manually set and retrieve their anchors and are keen to utilise a simple and convenient alternative. Drum style winches are becoming increasingly popular because they are highly reliable and neatly gather the anchor rope around a drum (rather than falling into a well, which is typical of capstan style winches typically found on yachts). Savwinch offers boaties the most effective anchoring solution for boats up to 15m. The High Quality drum-style winch, with unique design features and speed boost capabilities enables a more efficient and safer anchor set and retrieval process, eliminates injuries, complications and breakdowns, all backed by extensive warranties and customer support locally here in Australia.