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How a drum boat anchor winch works

A drum style boat anchor winch works by the press of a button on your dashboard.  The switch on the dashboard is a toggle style switch, used to drop and retrieve your anchor, when releasing your finger the winch will lock into position. The rope and chain kit reals up nice and neatly onto your drum without tangling. There is also a circuit breaker overload switch. This will engage in the event of a power overload and prevents damage to your motor/gearbox on your winch. A solenoid is used to assist with forward and reversing for your up and down winching.

The drum style winch has become the most reliable, efficient and popular way to winch your boat anchor, rope and chain and is the way of the future. More and more we will see winches being used in boats and in particular drum style winches. When looking for a winch please do your research and you will soon discover that the drum style winch is the way to go. Now many boat builders and retail outlets are selling drum winches as a preferred option.