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Unusual Hull Sizes

Do you have a boat with an unusual hull size?

Are you concerned that your narrow hull size will not allow a winch to get in?

Are you wanting a boat anchor winch but do not want to make modifications to the structure of your boat?

Well if a Savwinch doesn’t fit into your boat no other drum style winch will. There are many ways you can adapt our winches (move parts around) to fit into your boat. There are 8 degree mounting points to drum bracket which allow for our winches to be rotated around and get into the tightest of spaces. Savwinch has had extensive experience in advising on installation of his winches into boats where others thought you couldn’t get a winch in. Our 550w winch is currently the smallest diameter size drum anchor winch on the market.

If you have any of these concerns look no further and give a Savwinch a go!