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Why use a boat anchor winch?

There are many reasons to use a boat anchor winch. You avoid having to lift your anchor, chain and rope manually. The benefits to this are firstly safety: you can avoid injuries especially on your back often commented by manual anchor handlers.  Manually setting and retrieving anchor can be risky, it puts physical strain on the body, causes injuries, takes time, prevents sole operators from maintaining a proper watch and keeping the boat in the ideal and sometimes safe position, depending on sea and wind conditions. When fishing you can move as many times as you like which will help increase your fish catch. It allows your fishing and/or boating experience to be a lot more enjoyable.  Boaters with anchor winches are often heard saying it was money well spent and was the best accessory that they added to their boat. Savwinch offers a more reliable and accurate way to set your anchor quickly compared to free fall (capstan or drum) systems on the market and manual operation.