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Savwinch – Electronic Fast Fall

What is it?

This unit is an-add on component to a conventional electronic drum winch that drastically increases the speed of your anchor drop. It allows you to drop your anchor up to 2.5 times faster than your normal drop speed or almost as fast as a free fall system. This becomes important when you are dropping your anchor in deep waters, high currents and when you anchor frequently. The conventional speed of any drum winch brand is far too slow for these types of applications making the task of anchor dropping tedious and slow.

We’ve done the complicated electronics engineering and made it simple for the user. We simply increase the speed of the motor when dropping the anchor and disengage it when retrieving the anchor. This results in speeds similar to that of dropping your anchor so you hit your mark quickly and easily, making anchoring a breeze.

Why choose Savwinch?

The fast fall unit is a world first product that is sold exclusively by Savwinch (that is no other drum winch manufacturer has this technology). This is the only unit in the world that allows you to drop your anchor fast using the motor and gearbox. This allows you to be in complete control over the dropping of the anchor which will avoid over runs and mechanical failures associated with other products trying to do the same thing in the market.

Our Electronic Fast Fall is compatible with all Savwinch units. It can also be purchased aftermarket to retrofit to any existing Savwinch drum winch.

We’ve won a local 2015 Manufacturing and Support business award for our business in Victoria giving us the much deserved recognition for our manufacturing processes and running of the Savwinch business.

Why should I use it?

When anchoring in depths of 25m or more you need to get your anchor down fast otherwise you could miss your mark. The use of the Electronic Fast Fall allows you to do this quickly, accurately and safely.


We’ve won a 2011 Boating Industry Innovation Award when it was first released and more recently a 2015 International Innovation Award for this product.

Savwinch are serious about manufacturing high quality boat anchor winches that push the frontiers of technology and last for years to come. Our goal is to create an enjoyable boating experience for people with superior products that function well, look good and outlast all others on the market.


This unit has been on the market a few years now and has been working with great results. Our confidence in this product has meant we’ve now boosted our warranty to 5 years.

Engineered and manufactured in Australia. It won’t disappoint.