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The biggest Savwinch ever!


Biggest-Savwinch-everSavwinch are proud to announce the 5000W into our range. This massive winch stands 500mm tall and 1000mm wide. Suits vessels up to 30 metres. This huge winch are for those vessels that go out into the ocean for commercial activities. We’ve engineered a unique manual disengaging clutch. This allows the user to unlock the spool from the gearbox. This could be to unwind the rope and chain manually to allow for maintenance or if things went wrong it would still allow the user to anchor up/down when they are so far away from port.

This came about with lots of interest from owners of larger commercial vessels. We’ve built a strong reputation within the industry for robust and long lasting winches.

Best of all, its compatible with our award winning Electronic Fast Fall systems.

This unit will hold vessels up to 40T and with our custom rope kits there will be enough rope to get the job done.

These specialised units are now available, give us a call for further enquires.