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What is a Complete Anchoring System.

When out boating, one of the most tedious tasks is dropping and pulling up the anchor by hand. This can be dangerous in many ways. When there are high swells, there is chop, and often not much to hold on to at the front of the boat which may cause you to fall into the water. Back strain and injury can result from manual handling the anchor and rope and chain.

Eliminate Manual Anchor Handling

Boating is a pleasure, but dropping and pulling up the anchor manually can be both tedious and dangerous. High swells, choppy waters, and limited handholds at the front of the boat increase the risk of falling overboard. Additionally, the physical strain of handling the anchor, rope, and chain can lead to back injuries.

Switch to a Savwinch Drum Anchor Winch

A Savwinch drum anchor winch system removes the need for manual anchor handling. With advancements in technology and increased market competition, these setups are now more affordable and popular among anglers. Despite lower prices, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when choosing a drum anchor winch.


What does a Complete Anchor system have:


1. Drum Winch: Suitable for boats from small 3-meter aluminum boats to 30-meter super yachts. These winches are mounted at the front of the boat and operate with a switch, eliminating manual handling. Made from solid 316 marine-grade stainless steel, the motor and gearbox drive the rope, chain, and anchor off the drum. Retrieve them with the press of a button on the up/down switch mounted on the dash or helm. Various mounting options include in the anchor well, under the deck, or deck-mounted.


2. Feeding Device: A guide roller or hawse pipe is typically required. The guide roller prevents the rope and chain from rubbing against the anchor well and deck, ensuring proper feeding onto the drum. A hawse pipe is used when the anchor is mounted under the deck or inside an anchor well, guiding the rope and chain through the deck or hatch.

3. Rope and Chain: Double braided rope and chain kits are commonly used with drum winches. They are stronger than silver and 3-strand nylon ropes, allowing for more rope and chain on the drum. Popular diameters for recreational boats are 6mm and 8mm.

4. Bow Sprits: These provide a secure resting place for the anchor when not in use and are mounted at the front of the boat. Made from stainless steel or aluminum, they facilitate smooth anchor dropping and retrieval. Ensure compatibility between the anchor and bow sprit.

5. Anchor Swivels: Essential for reducing rope twist and ensuring the anchor always comes up the right way on the bow sprit. The swivel attaches to the end of the anchor.

6. Chain Guard: A flexible material sleeve covering the chain to reduce noise from chain rubbing against the bow sprit and guide roller. Quality guards are water-resistant and self-draining to prevent mold.

7. Fast Fall System: Savwinch offers a unique electronic fast fall system, a patented and award-winning product. This allows the anchor to drop quickly with motor and gearbox assistance, ideal for anchoring in deeper waters. The system disengages on retrieval to prevent damage to the motor, gearbox, and boat bow.


By incorporating a Savwinch drum anchor winch system, you can enhance safety, reduce physical strain, and simplify the anchoring process.

For more information on the Savwinch Fast Fall System, visit Savwinch Fast Fall System.