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Retrieving your Anchor using a Savwinch


Importance of Anchoring Your Boat

Anchoring is essential for various boating activities. Whether you need to stay stationary for certain fishing styles, remain at a prime fishing spot, or moor for other reasons, a reliable anchoring system is crucial. A dependable anchoring system keeps your boat fixed in place, preventing slippage or drifting from your chosen spot. Savwinch offers complete anchoring systems designed for optimal performance and reliability.

Tips for Retrieving Your Anchor

When you’re ready to retrieve your anchor, consider these important steps to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Drive Forward: Move the boat forward slightly to reduce the load on the winch. Keep the motor running to avoid draining the battery.
  2. Use the Rocker Switch: Press the up button on the rocker switch to start retrieving the anchor. Savwinch electric drum winches make this process easy and efficient.
  3. Addressing a Jammed Anchor:
    • If the anchor is jammed, release 5–10 meters of additional rope.
    • Tie the rope off on a bollard.
    • Slowly drive the boat over the anchor, using the boat’s weight to dislodge it.
    • Untie the rope from the bollard and continue retrieving the anchor with the winch.

Why Choose Savwinch Anchoring Systems?

Savwinch anchoring systems provide reliable and efficient solutions for boat anchoring. Their electric drum winches are designed for easy operation, making the anchoring process a breeze. With a Savwinch system, you can confidently anchor and retrieve your anchor, ensuring your boat remains securely in place.


For boat owners looking for a dependable anchoring system, Savwinch offers high-quality solutions that simplify the anchoring process. Whether you’re anchoring for fishing or mooring, follow these tips to ensure safe and efficient anchor retrieval. Choose Savwinch for a reliable and hassle-free boating experience.