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Retrieving Anchor using a Savwinch

Boats usually utilize anchors to anchor up or stop the boat from moving on a fixed spot. This is important for many reasons, certain fishing styles require anchoring and not drifting, you’ve found a great fishing spot or mark and wish to remain there or you’re wishing to remain stationary for other mooring reasons. Your anchoring system will enable you to hold yourself into a fixed position. Having a reliable anchoring system will prevent slippage or drifting from your chosen mark or spot. A Savwinch complete anchoring system will allow you to achieve this.

When anchored up (you have released your anchor to the sea bottom) there are many important factors to consider before retrieving the anchor.

It’s recommended to drive the boat forward to take some of the load off the winch. Keep the motor running to prevent your battery from draining.

Press the up button on the rocker switch. The anchor will now start retrieving. This will happen the vast majority of the time, making anchoring with an electric drum winch such as a Savwinch a breeze.

If the anchor does not come up and it appears jammed release about 5 – 10 metres of additional rope.

Then tie your rope off on the bollard.

Now slowly drive over the anchor, this will use the boat’s weight to pull the anchor out.

Untie from the bollard and retrieve your anchor using winch.